Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Calm your nervousness and add to your style with EG – 4053

925 Sterling Silver Shiva Eye Stone Earring Set 

If you are looking for an affordable earring which is stylish yet useful then you need not to look beyond this product. EG – 4053 is made up of Shiva eye stone which incorporates the goodness on the stone into it. As we know that the stone very rare and is very much appreciated for its effect on your state of mind. It is said to reduce nervousness and tiredness and stimulated your sense. In addition to this, the stone is made up of calcium considering its chemical make. This is seen to have a positive effect on your muscles and joints.
With this useful stone styled up with beautiful design in a 2.1in earring which weighs somewhere around 9gm, is product hard to miss. 

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